I’ve been practicing and teaching martial arts for 42 years. When the Wah Lum Athletic Association was established in 1985 in Boston’s Chinatown, our goal was to maintain the traditional concepts of the style that Grandmaster Chan Pui established before moving to Orlando, FL. My goal as the Chief Instructor of New England is to make sure that all the certified Wah Lum instructors are keeping their material up to date and not straying from the core skills of the system.

The Wah Lum system is a versatile style offering a physical and artistic approach for men, women and children to learn empty hand and weapon forms as well as cultivating an understanding of the importance of physical fitness and self-defense.

At the Association we focus on quality instruction for beginners through advanced members. We offer private personal training sessions, adult group classes and a special weekend program for young folks ages 5 through 16.

-Sifu Bob Rosen


“The Wah Lum Kung Fu Athletic Association is the New England Headquarters of the Wah Lum System. The Wah Lum System was established in Boston under Grandmaster Pui Chan, and is now headed by Chief Instructor Bob Rosen. The school has been thriving for more than 30 years in the heart of Boston Chinatown under Sifu Rosen, and he has produced thousands of traditional kung fu practitioners. Many of his students have won medals in International Tournaments, participated in exhibitions all over the world, and some have even opened their own schools. The Wah Lum Demonstration Team is often featured in festivals and celebrations throughout the Boston area, and under the exceptional teachings of Sifu Rosen represent the Wah Lum System to its fullest.”

-Sifu Mimi Chan,  Wah Lum Temple


“I have been an active member of Wah Lum Kung Fu Association/Boston since 1995 and have greatly enjoyed and benefited from being part of their family. From day one the school stresses such time-tested fundamentals as respect, patience, discipline and hard work that ultimately lead to improved self-confidence, physical and mental fitness, sense of comraderie and last, but definitely not the least, multi-faceted self-defense. I wholeheartedly recommend Wah Lum Kung Fu of Boston for people of all ages, from kids to older adults, who want to improve their sense of wellbeing and, while at it, learn a few kung fu skills.

Alec L. Meleger, MD”


“The Wah Lum Athletic Association is one of the oldest full-time kung fu schools operating in Boston’s Chinatown. It’s main goal is to promote the study of the Chinese Martial Arts and for the development of physical, mental, and general well-being of students. Training includes kung fu exercises, hand forms, weapons forms, self-defense applications, sparring, as well as the philosophical aspects of Wah Lum Kung Fu. Students are taught at the rate of their own abilities, and in this respect, a high standard of quality is maintained.”

Pete Kreitchet – Boston


“My school, Wah Lum Kung Fu and my Sifu, Sifu Bob Rosen changed my life. I was 31 years old. I was 249 lbs when I started. I was as flexible as a steel bar. I thought I was destined to remain an obese and undisciplined individual. No strength, no skills and just a frame to prop up useless muscles and fat. Over a year later, I dropped miraculously to 173 lbs.. The joy I get from doing a beautiful and traditional kung fu form cannot be rivaled with anything else.”

-Marlon Violette


“I have been enrolled as a student at Wah Lum Kung Fu Athletic Association, New England Headquarters, on Edinboro Street in Boston’s Chinatown for over twenty years. I am well over age 65 and still enjoy classes, private lessons, and open practice. The joy of Kung Fu at this school is that age matters not–students value and support each other while learning an art designed to keep mind and body integrated for a lifetime.

I can attest to this school being the Best of the Best for many reasons but primarily because I have witnessed and been a recipient of excellent teaching methods employed both in classes and individual instruction.

Most importantly, the New England Wah Lum Association recognizes what each student brings to the experience, addresses how he or she interacts with each phase of learning, and values each achievement.”

AP Turner