Wah Lum 45th Anniversary Show

Dear Wah Lum USA, International Members, Friends and Families,

Thank you all for helping to make our show a memorable event for Grandmaster Chan, his family, guests from China and myself. Everyone is greatly appreciated for the part you played….whether putting in the time and hard work practicing to perform, traveling to Boston from long distances, being behind the scenes seeking sponsors, making posters, tickets, other graphic designs, driving guests around and making them comfortable, or encouraging friends and family to buy tickets for the show….each of your contributions made a difference!

Thank you to all the participants who attended the workshop. Masters Sin Kwok Lam and Sin Yun Cheung were very happy to come to the US to teach a traditional Wah Lum form. I thought there would be 20 to 30 participants; silly me, it turned out to be 60! What a great showing for Wah Lum. Your support was outstanding.

Sunday we held a banquet for Grandmaster and the Wah Lum Family; again, great support for this event as well as good food and fellowship.

To the New England Instructors, thank you for doing your part to make our event a success including the BU Kung Fu Club, whose members helped to escort our visiting out of state members.

To our guest schools that participated, your fellowship and outstanding performances gave our show versatility and helped to strengthen our Martial Art community in Boston and in the USA.

To all the parents from all the schools, as instructors we appreciate the tremendous support over the last few months, bringing your children to special practices and investing time and energy to help the schools be successful. Our youth today need special guidance to adapt to today’s pressure to achieve, and we appreciate your trust and faith that our schools provide your children that productive environment.

Respectfully to all,

Sifu Bob Rosen
Wah Lum Pai Boston

For show photo’s visit Maia Kennedy Studios: