Wah Lum Etiquette

New to the world of traditional Martial Arts training? As you begin your journey through the Wah Lum system, you will discover that there are many customs that have been a part of the Kung Fu tradition for thousands of years. Some of these are found in the handbook you will receive when you begin your training, other tips are useful to know as you represent the school to the outside world.

1: Bow when entering and leaving to training hall.

2: In Kung Fu, your teachers and fellow students are considered your Kung Fu family. It is important to respect each others’ roles within the family and address one another by proper titles. In addition to always addressing Sifu as “Sifu”, your fellow students have titles as well. Your Kung Fu “age” is determined by the date you joined the school and so you would address a student who has been at the school longer than you as Si Hing (Older Brother) for Si Jye (Older Sister) even though they might be younger than you in calendar years.

3: Always try to arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins in order to properly stretch beforehand. If you can’t help being late due to traffic or the MBTA, please enter the hall as quietly as possible and respect the time of others.

4: Do not wear your training uniform outside the school. Not everyone knows how to show proper respect for Kung Fu and you may find yourself being challenged to “prove yourself” or attacked.

5: Always silence your cellphone before attending class. Do not answer calls while you are in the changing room. If you must return a call, please do so where your voice cannot be heard while others are in class.

6: Do not attempt to demonstrate techniques in public or teach others who are not members of the school. One of the things that makes Wah Lum a highly respected system is the purity of the style. Careful attention is given to certifying instructors in the traditional forms and techniques that have been passed from generation to generation for over 350 years.